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Calling all Sound System enthusiasts

During 2016 there were some hot and not so hot Audios featuring your favourite Sound Systems and DJs on  I’m sure you all have had the pleasure of listening to them.  I would be very interested to know which Sound System have been your favourite in 2016, and to help me answer that question I have created a poll to get your views. So, if you happen to be browsing this site and come across this post, I would really appreciate it if you would take the time out and vote for your favourite and give the reason for your choice in the comment section below the Poll.
In this post, I would like to give you a recap of my favourite (and not so favourite) sound systems/DJs of 2016 below.
Stone Love without a doubt has been my favourite Sound System of 2016. From the beginning of 2016 Stone Love has been consistent, their audios have been immensely entertaining and in abundance. Every individual Stone Love audio possessed a different vibe and the sheer energy the team brought has been explosive. So all the haters who have been slating Stone Love on social media with comments like “stone love are done” and “nobody cares about stone love” please cut it out for 2017 as there’s clearly no stopping the world’s #1 Sound. There are only two Sounds that can give Stone Love a hard time when it comes to Juggling and that’s Bass Odyssey and Metro Media. Weepo, Billy Slaughter, Gee Fus – the elders, Jazzy J, Genius, Scary Gary, Randy Rich, Gugu Mental, Duane Pow, Fiyah Rass, Ice Kidd, Bobbo Sparks, and DJ Raheem – the new generation, have worked ever so hard in keeping Stone Love on top and providing lovers of Dancehall with great top class professional entertainment.  Another favourite of mine is Bass Odyssey.
Bass Odyssey is definitely on my favourites list but in 2016 I was not fortunate enough to get my hands on as many of their audios as I wanted but hopefully, 2017 will be better.  Bass Odyssey like Stone Love has been in demand this year. Their audios have been highly entertaining and had me engaged from the beginning to the end.  Their juggling has been superb and at times they gave Stone Love a run for their money. However, Bass Odyssey’s presentation just lacks that professionalism which Stone Love always has. I think Delingey and Country Speng are the only significant selector/MC’s on the team that is keeping the sound together and this, in my opinion, leaves Bass Odyssey very vulnerable.  Like Stone Love and Bass Odyssey, the year to year Sound, Metro Media is another favourite.
In Metro Media‘s case, it was unfortunate that I was unable to get hold of many of their audios in 2016.  Due to the lack of their audio’s floating around one would think that Metro Media were not frequent performers on the Jamaican dancehall scene.  However, they are still in demand on theIsland with the likes of the legendary Sky Juice, Oliver and the younger generation – Platinum and Scully. The three Metro Media audios I managed to get my hands on  – Metro Media alongside Stone Love on Rosie’s Corner,  and Metro Media in St Elizabeth –  were a very good listen. And you all must remember the Oldies Dance from December 2015 alongside Stone Love which I released last January.  Metro Media audios have always been gentle on the ear and can be played anywhere regardless of the social gathering.
Killamanjaro audios in 2016 were sparse.  The two Killamanjaro audios I released were great hits on my platform: Killamanjaro in York Town playing in that legendary Rub A dub style with a host of live entertainers, then last November I released the annual All-School Reunion Dance where Freddy had gunshots barking to the point  that the promoter had to plead with the crowd not to fire anymore shots.
Slingerz Family, Guyana’s #1 Sound was introduced to me in the latter part of 2015 (big up Super Pudgie from Rebel Squad and Kevin Slingerz).  I managed to secure a regular supply of their audios.  Slingerz audios have been so consistent throughout 2016 that I was asked on several occasions whether I am part of the team.  Those of you who are frequent visitors here or on my Soundcloud page, will remember the  Vergendegen Village Day Christmas all Day event which I released last January.  It featured special guests Nasheen Fire from Orlando and Toney Matterhorn from Jamaica. This was one of those Juggling Dances that turned into a clash. On this occasion, it was between Nasheen Fire and ex Slingerz selector DJ Magnum and did it kick up a big stink!  Many patrons who attended the dance took to social media accusing Slingerz of editing the audio to make it appear that DJ Magnum got the better of Nasheen.  Anyway, by what was recorded on the audio and what I saw on the video I think Nasheen Fire was the better selector.  DJ Magnum is definitely talented and I wish him well in 2017. To date, this has been one of the most popular Audios on my 2016 platform but is not one of my personal favourites.  Wifey vs Sidechick audio, released in June 2016 was, in my opinion, much better.  The juggling was good and DJ Garwin was on top form, a very entertaining Audio. I have two issues with Slingerz Family and management is fully aware of this.  Slingerz is overall a very good Juggling Sound, however, I’m still not getting versatility in terms of the quality of music, everything I’m hearing is up-tempo and I’m not getting any early warm up juggling audios. Secondly, I think there’s far too much cursing on their audios to the point where it becomes very annoying and at times can lower the quality of the audio which had the potential of being a blast. I really hope that in 2017 I’ll hear a lot more versatility from Slingerz  Family and not the same old bruck out juggling.  It would be very nice to hear Slingerz playing more old school vocal songs or lover’s rock.
Thanks to my contacts in 2016 I was introduced to a few new sounds such as Dicer Movements, Interceptor, and Kronic Supreme all of who I would highly recommend listening to in the future. Out of the three, Dicer Movements is my favourite because they can definitely juggle and their selection was not your typical top ten juggling. I hope to hear a lot more from Dicer Movements in 2017.
The Big Bad and Brave Soundwave we heard a lot from and their Audios were entertaining but there was room for improvement. Soundwave has an awesome Sound system with some of the most attractive speaker boxes I have seen in dancehall, however, the team lack confidence. I’m positive they’ll improve on this in 2017.
Fire Links now hmmm! He definitely was the Selector/DJ of 2016, in terms of popularity. I released a fair amount of Fire Links Audios which got crazy plays and Downloads. Not one of my personal favourites, but my followers like him.  Good luck to Fire Links in 2017.
Nasheen Fire on the other hand who clearly has a very similar style to Fire Links, I found had the most enjoyable Audios. Nasheen Fire engages me more and many would disagree but his presentation is sharper – his voice has clarity and he puts his words together very well.  Fire Links without a doubt has the better music and is the better Selector but overall I enjoyed Nasheen’s audios more.  I think Nasheen Fire should be a lot bigger than he is but because of this sad trend called Hype!!  He isn’t way up there yet.  If I had to choose between Nasheen Fire, Boom Boom,  Foota Hype, Fire Redz, Chris Dymond,  Banky Hype, Noah and Toney Matterhorn to play at my event it would definitely, without any hesitation, be Nasheen Fire.  I admire the passion and drive he has for the music, and I wish him all the best in 2017.
Toney Matterhorn was not very impressive in 2016. Toney has been a little disappointing but he has the ability to perform well.  That said, I enjoyed the two Boom TV clashes against Choice Movements and Black Scorpio. The Black Scorpio clash had glimpses of the old Toney Matterhorn back in the late 1990s and early noughties.  But at this time when good dancehall vibes are becoming extinct due to the lack of talent, we need our Legends, like Toney, to keep things alive and exciting.
Choice Movements I enjoyed, not that much audio, though.  However, what I heard I was mostly impressed with. I think Choice Movements should have won the Boom TV clash against Toney Matterhorn and should have gone further in the competition. Choice Movements has a lot of potentials and they definitely have what it takes in being one of the baddest new clash Sounds. Choice Movements will do a lot of damage given the chance of being put in the right arena, and will certainly destroy and annihilate all of those New York and European clash Sounds. In the Juggling arena, I think Choice Movements will need extra lessons from Stone Love and Bass Odyssey. After listening to the Choice Movements and Stone Love at Balaclava Market Dance, I think Choice Movement’s Juggling compared to Stone Love’s was basic.  I sensed they were trying too hard to out juggle Stone Love but failed miserably. I like Choice Movements, the name is superb. They remind me of a young Bass Odyssey with Lenny and Glamour G.
Boom Boom known as the Billboard Selector did very well on My followers loved his audios. I think he is average but they love him. I hope 2017 is good for him.
Ricky Trooper appeared on two very good Audios in 2016 – Ninja Man’s Birthday Bash last January and – Who Can Buss the Dance.  At the Birthday Bash, Trooper went head to head with Bass Odyssey, and this turned out to be a very nice musical war.  Then last September I released the Who Can Buss the Dance Audio with Ricky Trooper and Da Rebel Nexxt level. This Audio was great and had my number No 1 Juggling Sound in New York, Da Rebel Nexxt Level, juggling alongside Sound Trooper, which turned into a friendly Clash.
And finally Da Rebel Nexxt level, wow! That sound never fails to impress me. That heavy weight machine is the Bass Odyssey of New York city, they can Clash and they can juggle.  Nexxt Level delivered a better performance at the “Who Can Buss the Dance” than Ricky Trooper throughout the Audio because Nexxt Level have mastered the art of Juggling and presented this very well.  We also heard the Rev 2015 released last January, again playing alongside Ricky Trooper, which I thought was another blast of an Audio.  Also in January I gave you the Big Dance called “Gas” held in the DC Dragon Centre in Washington which, up to this day, I still play. Although Da Rebel Nexxt Level had only three audios in 2016 they were extremely effective and out shone many of the other Audio’s I listened to.  I hope they keep up their excellent performance this year.
Anyway, that’s my recap of 2016.  Thank you for your support and keep those live audios coming in and continue to keep this great Dancehall Sound system culture alive. A very happy 2017 to you all.

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