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1 - Rory from Stone Love Sound

‘Wee Pow’ meets Rory in a clash

Wee Pow: I remember I have a jig on Constant Spring Road, little bit above Dunrobin. The man them at that bar have a little set, named Champagne. I did not know Rory before, but he was the selector on that sound. So they set up a clash. On that night the clash went down wicked. They wanted to give Rory the edge, but it was really like a hometown decision. Rory really didn’t know yard music that well. He know the funky them and could really mix, but for the yard music now …

S: You have him.

WP: I know them inside out, although as I said I prefer the foreign music I know the yard music same way. So I mention to him I want him to train a little youth and send him on to me. And him sey aright.

S: So he was using two turntables at the time.

WP: Yeah.


S: And you were using one? How that go?


unique style

WP: I was unique in my style. I used to use one turntable up to them time but I get a tape deck now, where I used to tape the end of that music and replay it, so by the time I replay it I catch the next one. So it would come in like I have two turntables (laughter). I was using my han’ mek fashion, as ol’ time people would say. So I went back in that area about three months after, not the same place but nearby. To be exact, it was on Shortwood Road (near the corner of Constant Spring Road). I was playing and when I look I see Rory. And I said “waapen my yute? Waapen to the yute you supposed to train and sen’ come?” “Bwoy, him no fin’ none, but him come”. I don’t know what draw him into my direction at the time. Because the set he was on, it was at a higher standard at the time. But probably it could be the way I handle myself.

S: Him see a vibe.

WP: Him see a vibe. So him say him come.

S: You and him play the same night?

WP: Yah, and it was his area because he lived close by. He used to live on Midland Drive, off Constant Spring Road. And I used to live in Patrick City, on Midland Drive also. So when Rory join me is like history and up to today he is still around. So Cancer came long after Rory. I knew Cancer long before Rory, because Cancer used to work on a set called Marbell, which used to play in my area. That area used to have like Sanatone, Gemini, Road Runner, Soulville, Wild Bunch and Mad Squad. I know people wouldn’t remember like Derrick Harriott, used to have a set called Musical Chariot. He used to play in my area as well. We had Studio 7 Club, we had Roadhouse (used to name Space), then you have Sombrero, popular, popular club. Merritone, Byron Lee, the whole of them used to have to play in that club. Little below you used to have this club named Trap. After Marbel most of the guys migrated so Cancer went to Aries. The owner for Aries was an electrician like myself named Jacko, we used to work together. So the relationship with him and them fall apart and he decided to leave and discuss it with Rory.

S: And take in Cancer.

WP: Yeah.

S: And it became Wee Pow, Rory and Cancer. Was there ever a stage where Stone Love carried live deejays? Like how Jammys have a crew?

WP: Yes! Yes! Probably me a move too fast. Within that development of time, as I said we were out there 12 years before we start blossom. To be honest, of all the set I used to listen in those days, which was a lot of them, Gemini was the set I really wanted to be like.

S: Welton Irie and …

WP: Actually, I was listening to Gemini before Welton Irie. They used to have this selector named Archie. I listened to Gemini when Gemini himself was selecting. Because Gemini lived on Molynes Road and I lived off Molynes Road. I remember I used to play at this Christmas party annually, for some girls that work up Hope Gardens. It was close to where Gemini was living and Gemini start complain bout ‘bwoy a him fi play’. The next year now, a him a play.

S: Get you out!

WP: Get me out! (laughter). Him used to can get the foreign music more than me, so that time him playing the Al Green. Them time I couldn’t even find one. That’s the set I wanted to be like. I have that focus. I really watch Gemini, every step that me make. I remember the first time he started to tour he had to take the system with him.


Jump ship

S: Cause they couldn’t get any system powerful enough.

WP: Right. Maybe only in England they had sound systems that were powerful enough. When they were going to USA and Canada side they had to carry their own system. I see the good and bad. I see where he had to carry his maintenance crew, them jump ship. I even watch Jack Ruby, same thing happen. (Wee Pow talks about Klassique as well, with a run-off experience and developing Purple Love, the vintage music oriented arm of Stone Love which has been operational for about five years, just as Gemini developed Love Injection).


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